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a Woman's Essential Guide to a Wealthy & Wondrous Life

  • Find the courage to live the lifestyle of your dreams

  • Create the time and resources to shine your light and pursue your life's purpose

  • Delight in your abundance and expanded ability to make meaningful contributions to the people and causes you care most about

  • Increase your choices so you can live life on your own terms

  • Take control over what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you don't

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"Julia Sky is a rare combination of strategic thinker, motivational badass and caring human who listens to your hopes, dreams and goals and partners with you to create a roadmap for making them a reality... "

~ Stephanie Bohn Philpott, Freelance Photo Stylist

a Global Sisterhood

for Womenkind

We're creating a Movement where all Women are able to fully depend on themselves and Fly with Their Own Wings.

It starts with a solid wealth foundation and increased resources for financial independence. Finances affect every area of our lives and when we have a strong foundation we will see other areas of our lives open up and flow with an ease that we never even imagined.

Conceptual symbol of multiracial human h



an abundance of valuable possessions or money

  • the state of being rich; material prosperity.

  • plentiful supplies of a particular resource.

  • a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.

  • well-being; prosperity



the fact or state of being independent

     Similar: self-government, self-rule, self-determination, sovereignty, autonomy, freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, self-support

     Opposite: dependence; subservience



1. free from outside control; not depending on another's authority.

2. not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.

3. capable of thinking or acting for oneself.



(of two or more people or things) dependent on each other.

" ... I felt so stuck with my finances and my business, despite the numerous programs I invested in to do it myself... Julia's guidance took me beyond the skills of finance and business and into my thought and belief patterns that created the stuck situation I was in. Her approach is unique, intuitive and full of wisdom. It never felt like 'work' with her. I now have life-long skills I can apply to all areas of my life. She is brilliant and is worth every penny, plus more!"

~ Heidi Grayce Goodrich, Akashic Records Consultant + Dating Strategist



Bringing forth ALL my GIFTS, wisdom & expertise, I guide others to live fully alive, express their uniqueness, own their value & Fly with Their Own Wings... through a creative blend of transformational guidance, services & experiences.

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Utilizing Innovative, Invite-Only, Ground-Breaking Technology + Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching, our Program helps you to take charge of your Money & get on a path to Financial Freedom!

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(One-on-One Mentorship with Julia Sky)

Your Personal Wealth Guide to Fulfillment & Financial Independence

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As an independent fee-based wealth advisory firm, we offer sophisticated planning, strategies and solutions in the simplest, most cost effective and transparent way possible. Building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients is the foundation of our success.



(Business Coaching with Julia Sky)
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Stay Tuned for the following upcoming events, programs and more!

  • Rage of the Heart Advances (in-person group gatherings/experiences)

  • Born to Fly (mentorship package)

  • Upgrade your Life (mentorship package)

  • Courageous Conversations (group workshop)

  • How Much Money Do YOU Need? (seminar / workshop)

" ... Her varied background in both business and the arts makes her an especially good match for helping me make decisions in my creative business... She’s attentive, kind, warm, intelligent, intentional and fun to work with on top of that.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to someone like me who is trying to get their balance professionally."

~ Shanti Knight, Photographer

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Julia Sky - Entrepreneur, Wealth Advisor & Mentor, Professional Coach, Investor, Leader, Speaker, Philanthropist, Truth Lover, Renaissance Woman, Medical Medium Facilitator

Hi, I'm Julia Sky! I'm here to inspire others to align their values, gifts and greatness to Fly with Their Own Wings & live a Wealthy and Wondrous Life. I help my clients take their lives, careers & businesses to the next level.


Ever since I was a child, I've done things a little bit differently. In the end I always follow my heart! Not following my inner knowing (my intuition) has often backfired and caused great pain for me. In Kindergarten my teacher taught our class how to paint a bunny rabbit. I followed instructions perfectly and painted a bunny that looked exactly like the sample. I made my teacher proud. But something was just not right; I realized that I wasn't finished. This bunny needed to be decorated… it needed to come alive! It didn’t want to be just like all the other bunnies. I first painted white spots all over the bunny’s grey body. Then I thought that it needed some black spots too. After that I knew that pink spots would make it even better. There… it was finished! It was now MY bunny rabbit. To my surprise, my teacher LOVED it and entered it into an art contest. I don’t remember what place I got, but I did end up winning a ribbon. I didn't expect to be acknowledged or rewarded, but it sure felt nice for my creativity and independent choices to be appreciated and validated. 


I also know what it's like to not be loved, appreciated, recognized or validated for being myself and making choices outside the norm. I even got in trouble a few times with that same Kindergarten teacher, BUT I will never forget that bunny, and I will always, ultimately, follow my heart.

With Love & Compassion,


"To be a Star you must

Shine your own Light

Follow your own Path

And don't worry about the darkness

For that is when Stars shine Brightest!"


                                     ~ Anonymous

A Story of Sisterhood

Alpha Xi Omicron Sorority House

University of Redlands

Originally established in 1927 and died out in 1965. Re-founded in 1998 by Julia Sky and 5 other amazing women!

In the beginning we held our meetings in a dorm broom closet with no windows. We now call this charming 1920's bungalow our home and our sisterhood has grown to over 500 members.

Motto: Alis volat propriis (She flies with her own wings)

Symbol: Butterfly

Core Principles:

  • Independence

  • Equality

  • Diversity 

  • Dancing!

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"Julia is amazing. She is a great listener and is so easy to talk to... She truly cares about her clients!"

~ Whitney Woodard, Beaded by W

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