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Financial Coaching

Take charge of your Money & get on a path to Financial Freedom!

  • Feeling stressed or anxious about making financial decisions?

  • You make plenty of money, but you spend it all. Where does your money go each month?

  • Feeling like you’ll never be able to reach financial freedom or retirement?

  • Overwhelmed with the complexity of your personal finances. You don't know where to start!

  • Feeling out of control and need to get organized with your money?

  • Unsure of how to separate your business finances from your personal finances?

  • Find yourself “starting over” due to divorce, widowhood, job loss, career change, health challenges or another unforeseen life event?

Utilizing Innovative, Invite-Only, Ground-Breaking Technology and Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching, our Program helps you to:

  • Get organized with your money

  • Have a clear view of exactly where your money goes each month

  • Design a Savings and Spending Strategy to achieve your Financial Goals

  • Easily view your finances in one convenient place in real-time

  • Be intentional with your money every day

  • Get out of debt 78% faster on average

  • Grow your productive assets

  • Learn a proprietary 4-step wealth building plan

  • Increase your Net Worth by an average of 1% per month

  • Use “what-if” scenario planning to help make the wisest choices with your money

  • Put a strategy in place to help you better manage future life events

  • Reach Financial Freedom 15 years sooner on average!

"After years of working paycheck to paycheck jobs, this year I found myself in a position where I finally had some extra money at the end of every month. And no idea what to do with it. I turned to Julia who I know as a former member of the sorority I had been in. I contacted Julia and we arranged a onetime money coaching session. She came to me I believe just as interested in my future as she is in her clients who have a million dollars. I felt seen and we went through my immediate, moderate, and long-term money goals. Figured out good ways to start addressing them, and I ended the session more confident than I’ve ever been. I’ve now funded an emergency fund and contribute 12% of my income to my 401(k) thanks to the tips and inspiration I got from Julia."

~ Holly McBride, Law Student

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